Thursday, November 5, 2009


I'm feeling very productive this week. I've got my list and am really trying to check things off of it.

At the same time, I'm realizing I have to follow up on things, which is typically a weakness of mine. After I've hit the ball into the other person's court, I wait for them to hit it back to me, but they don't always do it! So I'm setting reminders to follow up on things after a week or so to make sure they actually happen. Such a hassle and waste of my time, but it has to be done because people drop the ball. Actually, I'm grateful when others follow up with me, as well, because sometimes I forget to follow through myself.

My goal for the month is to talk to someone about GO Fitness! every day. I'm starting with the easy ones: people I already know. They already know about GO Fitness!, but it's good practice for me to give my "elevator speech" to any audience. Last night I went to the Chamber of Commerce business mixer and was confident and outgoing enough to talk about GO Fitness to everyone I met. I had to push my natural shyness away and get the word out about my business. It feels really good to feel like I'm progressing.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Putting the "Balance" & "Health" back into my Lifestyle

Halloween left me feeling poisoned. My body felt off, bloated, toxic from all the candy and unhealthy things I put into it. It's amazing that one day of extreme excess can do that to a body.

So today I decided to make 2 changes: track my food and exercise more. I exercise a lot already , but the body adjusts to whatever it gets consistently, so it needed a shake up. I wrote a blog topic about that once:

So I'm keeping track of my food intake using Lose It!, which I use from time to time. I just ate the most delicious snack: 1/2 cup cottage cheese w/ 12 pretzels dipped into it. Yum! It tastes sinfully rich and creamy and crunchy, but it's low fat and has a lot of calcium and protein in it, for only 150 calories! So far, I've eaten 1002 calories, but I haven't had dinner yet. My budget is 1386. 

Lose it! will add in any calories burned in exercise as extra calories to eat.  Today, I burned 1000 calories in exercise (see below), so Lose It! would say that I could eat 2386 calories. But I'd never lose weight if I ate that many calories in a day! So I add my exercise into Lose It! at the end of the day so that the exercise calories are subtracted from the calories I actually ate.

I can't believe I burned 1000 calories in exercise, except that 30 min. ago I was starving, which I wouldn't usually be in the afternoon. I taught my usual GO Fitness class this morning, which my body is completely used to. Then I ran some errands on my bike. What fun! It was a beautiful day, the wind was in my hair (well, under my helmet), it was flat, easy riding . . . why don't I do this more often?! 5 miles later, I hooked up the trailer and rode to pick up Zoe from preschool. Whoa! Immediately, I could feel the difference in dragging a trailer behind the bike. Oh, yeah, that's why I don't bike around that much; it's not nearly as fun while dragging a trailer behind. The 100+ lb. of trailer, kids and stuff in the back completely change the workout from total cardio to cardio+strength training.

Anyway, it was really good to take a shower after feeling so sticky, stinky and sweaty! And it was really good to feel really hungry afterwards and feel I deserved to EAT!