Thursday, November 5, 2009


I'm feeling very productive this week. I've got my list and am really trying to check things off of it.

At the same time, I'm realizing I have to follow up on things, which is typically a weakness of mine. After I've hit the ball into the other person's court, I wait for them to hit it back to me, but they don't always do it! So I'm setting reminders to follow up on things after a week or so to make sure they actually happen. Such a hassle and waste of my time, but it has to be done because people drop the ball. Actually, I'm grateful when others follow up with me, as well, because sometimes I forget to follow through myself.

My goal for the month is to talk to someone about GO Fitness! every day. I'm starting with the easy ones: people I already know. They already know about GO Fitness!, but it's good practice for me to give my "elevator speech" to any audience. Last night I went to the Chamber of Commerce business mixer and was confident and outgoing enough to talk about GO Fitness to everyone I met. I had to push my natural shyness away and get the word out about my business. It feels really good to feel like I'm progressing.

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