Monday, April 19, 2010

3:00 Pep Talk

So I have this idea I want to try out: 3:00 pep talk.

Isn't it true that we do great in our efforts to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle until mid-afternoon, then we lose our willpower? The mid-afternoon slump kicks in and we just want caffeine and/or sugar; we consider skipping the gym after work, and all our good efforts of the first half of our waking hours are shot to hell?

So I was thinking that at 3:00 I should, instead, give myself a pep talk and plan how I'm going to persevere in my healthy efforts for the rest of the day. I'll add to that a healthy snack and big glass of water (dehydration definitely contributes to our afternoon slumps).

I'm going to try it and I'll write about how it goes . . .

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