Tuesday, July 27, 2010

GO Fitness Prorates for August Vacations!

Do you have a vacation planned and don’t want to pay for fitness classes you’ll miss? GO Fitness prorates for vacations, just let me know which dates you’ll be gone. I’ll also be gone for a week in August, so there will be 10 classes instead of the usual 12.

Goal-Oriented Fitness combines cardio endurance, muscular strengthening, flexibility and balance in order to attain your personal fitness goal. It focuses on living the SWEET Life, integrating the five essentials of a Balanced Healthy Lifestyle. It meets at Krusi Park, MWF 6:00-7:00 am, August 2-30.

What makes it different?
• The instructor doesn’t yell.
• Class is located on the East End.
• Scheduling is simple: Programs start the 1st of every month and last one month.

Otherwise, all three Alameda outdoor fitness programs offer well-designed exercise programs with certified, experienced instructors.

If you form a group of 5+ participants, the Group-Organizer is free! Get your friends to work out together!


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