Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why do GO Fitness in October?

Why should you do GO Fitness in October?

KIDS: The kids are back in school and the transition to the school schedule has taken place. Now’s the time to focus on improving your own routine by adding regular exercise.

LIGHT: Summer’s over, as is the early morning daylight. If you work out alone, outside in the mornings, October is when most people are chased away by the darkness. GO Fitness is a group; there’s safety in numbers.

FOOD: As the holidays begin to approach, people tend to exchange exercise for food. Keep up the exercise so you won’t have to worry about holiday weight gain.

Join GO Fitness! Have a great workout, 3x/week, and feel better all month long!

  • Cardio endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, balance
  • MWF, 6-7 am, Oct. 1-28
  • Krusi Park
  • $180 for 12 sessions, 10% off by the 24th, 25% off if you bring a friend!

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Keep living the SWEET Life,


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