Monday, January 25, 2010

Why do Outdoor Fitness in the Rain?

During the 1996 Olympics I watched amazing athletes, who'd recovered from unbelievable injuries to compete, again, at the Olympic level! I'd previously thought my running  days were over due to knee pain. But after seeing these Olympians compete, I thought myself a wimp for giving up on a 3 mile jog, while still in my 20's. So, on New Years Day 1997, I resolved to run everyday, no excuses. "Just get up and do it," I told myself. And so I did. And it was January, so it rained. I did some trial and error to figure out how to dress comfortably while running in the rain, for I'd told myself to run everyday, no excuses, not even rain. And I did it: I ran, every day, in the rain. If you were in the Bay Area that year you know: 1997 was an El Nino year.

So why should you sign up for an outdoor fitness class during this 2010 El Nino winter?
  • Well, first of all, I won't have you running in the rain. We do have an indoor studio to use if it's raining. And for those of you who don't like indoor aerobics classes, there's a reason I don't usually teach them: I'm not good with choreography and music, so my choreography is very simple and may or may not follow the music. But you'll always get a great workout! 
  • Second, your dog needs to play. Some of my participants bring their dogs and play fetch with them in the park after class. They say it saves them time, compared to going home and then having to take the dog out.
  • Third, lots of rain in the Bay Area means lots of snow in Tahoe. The ski & snowboard season may last longer than it has in recent drought years. GO Fitness is a great class for getting into shape for skiing & snowboarding, specifically for leg strength, balance and cardio endurance. 
  • Fourth, January is the time for bridal fairs as June brides start their preparations, and the rest of us make our plans to attend their weddings. I had some promotional materials out at a trunk show at Lilac recently because all brides want to get in shape. Everyone sees your back during the ceremony, and most dresses show off your arms and chest as well. GO Fitness is a great all-around workout to get your body slim and toned for your wedding and honeymoon (where you'll show off even more of your body than in your wedding dress!)

  • Fifth, Goal-Oriented Fitness focuses, not only on exercise, but on overall health, integrating the five essentials for a balanced healthy lifestyle: Sleep, Water, Eating, Exercise & Tranquility.

So, as much as you just want to curl up on the couch watching a movie or reading a good book when it rains, believe me, you'll feel much less guilty about doing so if you've already had a good workout! February signs ups are right now! Go to for details.

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