Sunday, March 14, 2010

Walk/Run Success!

My 6.5 mile walk/run was successful this beautiful morning!

I figured out how to program my workout on my Garmin Forerunner, so it would count down my intervals and tell me when to switch between walking (1") and running (4"). The only problem was that I couldn't tell it to repeat the intervals until I'd hit 6.5 miles; I had to tell it how many times to repeat. So I guessed: 12 times.

I missed the count down beeps once (to switch modes) so after that, I started looking ahead to predict how far I could run in 4 minutes. That added some interest to the run. I was surprised to find that I was often running 30 seconds faster than usual during the running portions! I also found that I focused more on my running FORM because I was restarting my run so many times. About 4 miles into it, restarting the run became more difficult.

About 5 miles into it, I started feeling it in my glutes, which was strange because I was focusing on leaning forward and landing on my forefoot with my ankles, knees & hips bent to absorb the impact. I was NOT focusing on pushing off my foot in the back, which would work the glutes more.

By the end, I was pretty tired out; it was a big workout for me. I stretched a lot and hope I'm not sore tomorrow. But it was great to see that I could eat 650 calories for breakfast!

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