Sunday, October 18, 2009

No Vampires - Blood Donation

Twilight, vampires, the month of Halloween, etc. I voluntarily donated blood, which implies, for living the SWEET Life:

·         S - I was tired afterward and took a nice little nap.
·         W – I got to drink 4 cups more fluids than usual. I liked 1/2 cranberry juice, 1/2 lemonade at the canteen.
·         E – I got to hang at the canteen and eat yummy snacks that I don’t usually eat, but I had to watch how the calories add up!
·         E – I got to take a break from exercise for 24 hr.
·         T – I got to relax and watch the Cal football game that afternoon.

The last time I donated was in June, at Alameda Hospital, which is convenient for me. The Claremont blood center is hard for me to schedule, considering their hours and my kids’ schedules (no kids allowed). So this time I scheduled back to back appointments with Nick and we tag-teamed the kids. That worked out well. Nick found a nearby park where the kids could play, and I took them around looking for a place for lunch.

You can donate every two months. How often do you donate blood?

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