Thursday, October 8, 2009

Why it's Balanced Healthy Lifestyles

I started with the SWEET Life. It came about because I'd always believed that there was more to weight loss than just diet & exercise. If I don't sleep enough, I'm too tired to exercise or pay attention to eating right. If I'm stressed out, I'm too busy to exercise and too stressed to eat right. There are 5 necessary components to weight loss, but I was always forgetting one or another of them. I needed an acronym to help me remember all 5 of them. And thus was born the SWEET Life.

I was already a Personal Trainer, so that was something else I wanted to continue.

Then, in January 2009 I came up with this idea for an exercise class with a support group, integrating the fitness trends for 2009: outdoor exercise, back-to-basic exercises, minimal equipment, & boot camp. That became Goal-Oriented Fitness, or GO Fitness!

In addition, I've wanted to get into corporate wellness for a couple years, so that was another aspect of my work.

I didn't want to give up any one part in order to focus wholly on another; I wanted to put all these ideas together. What did they all have in common? They are all different, Balanced Healthy Lifestyles.

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