Saturday, October 24, 2009

Winter Exercise: Indoors or Out?

I'm considering taking my GO Fitness! class indoors for the winter, but it makes me a little sad. Why?

Part of the reason it makes me sad is that being outdoors makes my class unique; most group exercise classes take place indoors. I love the outdoors and am always saddened by the winter driving me indoors for an early morning workout (because I don't want to work out alone in the dark). Part of the reason is that I'd have to change the workout and would not be able to take advantage of the park's features: picnic tables, bleachers, curbs, bars, grass, baseball diamonds, etc. Part of the reason is that I'd have to add music and choreographed movements, in sync with the rhythm of the music. I currently enjoy not having to worry about music, choreography or rhythm. Actually, I like them all, but I'm not a dance instructor; I'm an exercise instructor.

So why am I considering taking my class indoors anyway?

I'm considering taking my class indoors because I'm finding I have to modify my class due to the darkness. It's simply not safe to run up and down bleachers in the dark, for example; there's too much risk of injury. I bring a lantern, but I feel like we are in a little room of light, and everything else is dark. It's different from the wide open feeling I enjoy of being outside in a park.  Then, there's the issue of weather; we've only had to cancel one class due to weather, so far. However, it's supposed to be a rainy winter, and going indoors would prevent any issues of whether or not to cancel class due to weather. In addition, many people are fair-weather outdoor enthusiasts. They are turned off by the idea of exercising outdoors in the winter and are more likely to take a class that's indoors in the winter.

So sadly, but rationally, I'm looking into an indoor studio to conduct my early morning GO Fitness classes for the next few months. . .

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